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제품 설명
방진고무는 Nitrile Rubber & Cork & Synthetic Fiber으로 구성되었습니다.
정밀장치 및 산업설비에 장애를 유발하는 진동을 제거하기 위한 다양한 고유진동수의
모델 중 하나를 선택하여 가장 적절한 진동 감쇠 대책을 수립하실 수 있습니다.
제품 모델
Mu 3 - 9 15 Tool Room Machines, Plastic Injection Molding Machines,
Pressure Die Casting Machines, Printing and Textile Machines
(For Machines having high axial forces)
마찰계수 0.9u, 고유진동수 18Hz - 35Hz
Mm 5 - 10 15 Lathe Machines, Milling Machines, Grinding Machines,
Machining Centers, Turning Centers etc
마찰계수 0.7u, 고유진동수 30Hz - 50Hz
Mi 5 - 14 25 For machines with high vertical dynamic forces such as
Power Presses, Punchin Machines, Stamping Machines,
Shearing Machines etc
마찰계수 0.8u, 고유진동수 7Hz - 20Hz
Mp 1 - 4 20 Tuned to low natural frequency, suitable for passive
vibration control of Measuring & Testing Machines,
Grinders etc
마찰계수 0.8u, 고유진동수 7Hz - 20Hz
Ms1 2.5 - 5 20 Light Weight Presses, Tool Room Machines,
Compressors etc. on Ground Floor as well as upper Floors
마찰계수 0.8u, 고유진동수 15Hz - 35Hz
Ms2 2 - 8 25 High Vibration Insulation for both active and passive range,
Medium Presses, Stamping Machines, also well suited
for high speed rotating machines on upper floors
마찰계수 0.8u, 고유진동수 8Hz - 35Hz
Mhs1 5 - 15 65 Forging Hammers, Heavy Gen Sets,
Heavy Industrial Machines
마찰계수 0.8u, 고유진동수 8Hz - 25Hz
Mh 10 - 35 15 Very Heavy and Long Bed Machines, Long Maching
centers. Planners, etc
마찰계수 0.8u, 고유진동수 45Hz - 70Hz
Ma1 2 - 18 2 Anti-Skid Plate
Ma2 2 - 10 8 Anti-Skid Plate